Sunday, June 06, 2004

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There is more interest in the education part in quality. The Business section are not into talk it seems. Having said that, most of the education people don't really like the idea of a quality system. Also IT is not seen as central. So much to rave on about here.

The Guardian print edition has very little about the PDF version available on subscription. My posts to talk contain more reporting than has appeared in print. So I will continue this but try to write online on sites for Acrobat Services as well. As journalism the story unfolds very slowly. Blog style is to write about what you don't know and hope some better information turns up.

I have some very old copies of the Guardian so some of this blog will be retro.

The Saturday Review is the only bit that is well printed. It has a total book culture bias. The web just sneaks in there. Meanwhile 'little things we like' has almost no space for graphics.

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