Thursday, January 06, 2005

Acrobat 7 exists

I now look at the Guardian differently. I think Acrobat 7 will have a wide influence on how people think about information, print and the web. So far the print version of the Guardian has a long way to go to reflect this. I spend more time on the website and find the hard copy is of interest as such rather than a source of content. I contribute to the Talk pages and benefit from feedback. I did write a letter once but it was not published. An article about rural web access referred to 'villages' such as Appleby. Surely some mistake. Appleby was once a county town.

Education Guardian still seems to assume that there is nothing worth reporting from universities in continental Europe. This is not plausible. My impression is that there is genuine work on quality and elearning. This will be reflected in results and reputation.

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