Thursday, May 18, 2006

Copy of another comment for Jeff Jarvis

Today I posted this in the Jeff Jarvis section of Comment is Free.

Jeff also blogs at Buzzmachine but the Guardian site seems the best place for this topic


Jeff, do you have any idea why the word 'citizen' seems to mean different things in the UK and US. This came to mind when Emily Bell stated recently that she thinks the term 'citizen journalism' is horrible and would like to find another word or words. My impression is that print journalists just don't like citizen journalism, in particular the idea that citizens have a 'voice'. The recent proposal for awards in the UK seems to be limited to 'witness contributions' where all editorial decision is safely with the professionals.

Linda Colley writes today about the idea of citizenship as something us British subjects could benefit from.

I notice she is working in the USA. Would a UK based Guardain writer make the samne point?

By the way I recently wrote another story for OhmyNews about the London Book Fair. As far as I can make it out the Guardian bookish reporting is a bit behind the curve on this one. On Saturday last they repeated a report from the Bookseller possibly written on a Thursday that there would be two bookfairs in London next year. On Friday in a sensational development of backtracking and doubledealing, Earl's Court cancelled the Frankfurt deal and the Brits cancelled ExCeL. This may become news for the Guardian this coming Saturday.

So online is a source for news, even for the world of books where occasionally something happens.

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