Saturday, December 30, 2006

Slavoj Zizek on a new tyranny of cyberspace

This post will be added to later. I have been in drift mode for the holiday season and just about surfaced towards the end of this week. Now the new year phase so I will be back to drift till next week sometime.

I have started reading the Guardian again and watching lots of TV, both pretty passive acceptance of the broadcast mode. There was a G2 with reder photos including the comment that 2006 was a year for Flickr. Till today that was the main comment on user generated content etc.

Now Slavoj Zizek suggests that Time got things fairly wrong in putting a mirror on the cover. Apparently online existence only leads to realising the "dark half" and murderous violence. I will add later some more quotes but in summary this seems to me to be a malicious and false comment typical of the kind of people who write for print newspapers.

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