Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Guardian salaries compare with BBC

Even though the BBC is offering free video for newspapers the questions continue. the Guardian has revealed that the BBC spend money on hospitality for promotion at trade shows. the thing is they actually manage to sell stuff so can continue with projects such as Dr Who. I think this is ok and that the Guardian is being a bit silly.

Recent info
is that the editor, Alan Rusbridger is paid around £400,000 and Carolyn McCall, chief exec, is paid almost £500,000 down from £800,000 last year. So the bonus system is based on performance. Rusbridger will reduce salary further in future.

The controller of BBC1 is paid between £250-280,000. Is this a less worthy job than editing the Guardian?

The campaign from print journalists seems to be that free news from the BBC is the main problem. If only this could be lobbied into history, then newspapers would suddenly have no problem. This ignores the other sources of online news which are also likely to be free. Also the BBC is the only UK brand with a major web presence, something to consider.

Getting into exposure stories on BBC expenses could start a whole new series for UK media. When Rusbridger attends Davos, what expenses are involved? Is the visit strictly necessary?

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