Monday, January 11, 2010

Trade show exists in web context (part one)

Monday's print Guardian confirms my impression from last week - the Google phone was the star of CES. Emily Bell is clearly taking it as significant for media. By the way, her writing is the right length for a newspaper which is what I have bought. I may got to a website for technology news but I think the print version should cover technology also. Where is Victor Keegan expected or do I have to search every page?

Charles Arthur (Technology Editor) has no mention for Google but points out that Apple got more attention than the Microsoft CES keynote. Also he links to a Wired UK blog about how magazines may need to get used to video and audio as well as the web as a print equivalent. Will this topic turn up at BETT? Parents may yet be blamed not only for failing to teach children to talk but also not having equipment to edit video.

More about this as BETT news clarifies. see Madeleine Bunting (page 29) for background.

Next post will be on the IPEX blog about the companies that will not attend the NEC. News on the Printweek website about liquidation of Positive Focus prompted me to ask what this implied for IPEX? this is the sort of company that makes a visit worthwhile. Later comments included the suggestion that for web software companies actual real life shows were not essential.

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