Monday, January 09, 2012

Digital Literacy, the Guardian and the BBC not at BETT

The Guardian is campaigning this week around Digital Literacy.

This is timed to coincide with BETT. and is supported by Google.

Thing is, some time ago the BBC did a lot for digital literacy. I say this not only because they gave away pots of Jam. The BBC micro is well known. Then the Guardian and others claimed that the BBC was unfair competition with other offers of content for schools.

So the BBC stopped attending BETT. My guess is that Google will have a stand with some buzz. So there is a shift to globalize the scene. BETT is in London but you might not notice much UK specific. The archives don't have enough budget to have a stand. Don't remember one last year.

Still, I will buy a print Guardian tomorrow. I almost added online support to their website. Then I remembered what happened to Guardian Talk. I still think this was a disaster. As a social media network ten years or so ahead of time it was just ignored then dumped. A lot of digital literacy is about culture and I'm not sure GMG gets it.

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