Sunday, November 06, 2016

Guardian should study the Mirror, just my opinion

More later in the Fleet Street blog, things are becoming more clear.

But meanwhile watching the BBC I notice that the Andrew Marr press review had no mention of Jeremy Corbyn in the Sunday Mirror. A bit strange, some might think.

Later on the Sunday Politics Polly Toynbee opines that Corbyn is not prepared to answer a question about an early election. This is based on an ambush by ITN. At least they reported the main speech, unlike the Guardian website yesterday that concentrated on the refusal to answer.

You can see from the clip on the ITN link above that this question was not part of a formal press conference. I guess ITN could request an interview.

Or else read the Sunday Mirror. I guess the Sunday Politics is live so Polly Toynbee has a chance to read the Sunday Mirror before she has another go at Jeremy Corbyn.

I used to think the problem with the Guardian is that reduced resources have limited the scope of reporting. But now it seems the opinions are driving the choice of facts.

If there is a loose coalition of well meaning conservatives, LibDems and various columnists I think they should consider what the priority is. Is it so important to damage Corbyn that they ignore or distort anything he says about Europe? Was this so during the referendum? What was the damage from this?

Maybe all of Fleet Street has now become an opinion shop. They sometimes describe social media as an echo chamber. But they offer a predicted slant as the main benefit. By the way, I also think the Guardian has got it a bit wrong as to the number of readers who welcome the Corbyn bashing. There are probably a good few who would accept some direct reporting.

I propose to do a daily search on Twitter and follow the links. YouTube also a good source for direct info.

From the Sunday Mirror

Mr Corbyn’s bottom lines are:
  • UK access to 500 million customers in Europe’s single market.
  • No watering down of EU workplace rights.
  • Guarantees on safeguarding consumers and the environment.
  • Pledges on Britain picking up the tab for any EU capital investment lost by Brexit

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