Monday, December 05, 2016

immigration blind spots

Guardian seems very determined not to report Corbyn and colleagues. I watched some Sunday TV and notice what gets reported in print on a Monday. Mostly Boris.

Nothing about Corbyn in Europe that I can find.

The columnists, Matthew d'Ancona again on Boris, as a potential champion for positive views on immigration.

But what is lacking in mainstream politics is not opposition to immigration, but a sufficiency of voices willing to make the case for it. In this respect, Sir Oliver Letwin was quite right last week to tell the Times that the main parties have “made a terrible mistake” in failing to argue, with commitment and resolve, that “properly controlled migration enriches the country in every sense”.

No mention here for Dianne Abbott or Jeremy Corbyn. Is it Guardian policy to under mention them? it is getting more strange every day. To use a sports metaphor from Larry Elliott it is like reading a report on a cycle race where one team seems to have vanished.

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