Monday, July 12, 2004

Back pages missing for 100 media stars

Today's MediaGuardian has nothing at all at the back where there ought to be stuff on 'new media'.

Instead there is a listing of 100 inluential people in media, from Rupert Murdoch to Terry Wogan.

There is almost nothing about the web. Emily Bell is one of the panel so it is not surprising she is not included. I would think the Guardian web site is one of the main UK sites that register on global charts. The outstanding one is the BBC, the only global media brand based in the UK. I might have missed it but I can't find any mention of anyone working on this within the Guardian pages. They often find space for some independent writer arguing that a commercial website would find life easier if the BBC stopped doing anything much. I'm not sure they realise how world wide the web is. The BBC is the main chance for the UK to appear on a global search result.

I wonder who the people are who edit the BBC web sites? They don't get much attention.

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