Sunday, June 14, 2009

Murdoch and News Organizations

According to Peter Preston things are back to confusion. Rupert Murdoch has followed his apparent call to charge for Web news by suggesting that online is the future and paper may decline.

"We think of newspapers in the old fashioned way, printed on crushed wood so to speak. It's going to be digital. Within 10 years I believe nearly all newspapers will be delivered to you digitally...But if you've got a newspaper with a great name and a great reputation and you're trusted, the people in that community are going to need access to your source of news. What we call newspapers today, I call 'news organizations' and 'journalistic enterprises,' if you will. They are the source of news. And people will reach it, if its done well, whether they do it on a Blackberry or a Kindle or a PC."

Preston is not sure how this fits with the plan to charge for the Sunday Times. How would the Times fit in? Maybe the confusion is resolved by accepting that the "news organization" possibility is much as it was before the recent talk about charging for content.

Roy Greenslade suggested the Murdoch quote could have come from Jeff Jarvis or alan Rusbridger. Not sure what to make of this. Buzzmachine has been going on about news organixations for ages but what Rusbridger thinks is a mystery.

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