Monday, June 01, 2009

Not much on Sony at Hay, but Google is news in New York

The print Media Guardian has not got anything I can find on what happened at Hay. Maybe this is normal. Conferences etc are to be sold before the event. Reporting what was said is not the point. Anyway Jeff Jarvis writes on the basis of actually using a Kindle and paying his own sub for the Journal ( no longer when it reached a new price level). He thinks news has changed and the idea of a branded package that can be charged for is no longer very viable. He is usually the most interesting read in the Media print. why is he always near the back?

Maybe his next book could fit with a Keynote for Online Information 2009 with a series of Twitter posts for people who can't be there.

Meanwhile there is news in the New York Times about Google claims at the BookExpo about launching a service for paid book content sometime in 2009. The Guardian has reported this, through a PDA blog. The Teleread blog hopes that the EPUB format will be in there somewhere. This is more than likely as Google seems to claim that all routes will be supported.

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