Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jeff Jarvis leaves you wanting more as Victor Keegan relaunches on Twitter

There was Jeff Jarvis in the print Guardian yesterday but I still get the impression some coverage is reduced. He was on the main page for comment. Last year there was often more pages to come, including analysis on newspapers. I will look carefully for how this continues.

Meanwhile from Twitter I discover that Victor Keegan is leaving the Guardian. When is not stated. The Technology pages were really good to read. Blogs etc are ok but there is nothing wrong with considered print once a week.

Apparently there will soon be an app based on poetry in London. And Tweets will continue.

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shakespearesmonkey said...

Thanks for those kind words. I'll let you know when the street poems of London comes out (quitesoon I hope) - and you are absolutely right about the BBC being allowed to do apps.
Best wishes

Victor (Keegan)