Monday, February 07, 2011

English Sputnik Moment Continued

I wrote about "an English Sputnik moment" on a Posterous blog as will789gb. It may be that a sputnik moment story works because people want to know that a route has already worked out ok for someone else. The "first mover advantage" only works for some people, and there may not be many of them.

Peter Preston at the weekend was unhappy with the ABC numbers and other guides to when the web will work out for news finances.

Will newspapers ever make true financial sense of the web? Not until we know which figures matter, which convince advertisers – and which are mere febrile concerns.

But if the FT print audited circulation drops below 50,000 and yet it is still in operation, this could be a clue.

Then today he writes about libraries not being really needed so much today as if it was easy to work through the technology changes and realise that transition is obvious.

My best friend hasn't been near a library or bookshop for weeks: not since the whole of Trollope came downloaded free on a Christmas Kindle.........We can't embrace something fresh without leaving older ways behind.

If only he wrote so clearly about newspapers! I think it will be Printweek that offers a definitive take on the transition. see blog on IPEX for more.

There will never be the sort of financial information that shows for sure that a course of action is free of risk. But a few examples can help to build a case.

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