Wednesday, March 02, 2011

#guardiantalk testing code, a techie speaks

I think the closure of Guardian Talk is a major event. It may be the point in time when a news organisation failed to transition from print to web. Time will tell.

What I think is this is a disaster. They just don't get it. @arusbridger talks about mutuality and transparency. At least he answers a tweet on a Saturday, but just to say there will be a thread on a Monday. this is after everything is deleted on Friday.

And nothing in print. We know from the phone hacking stories that print journalists have a selective view on what is news. For reporting social media the guardian is shown to be as reliable as any other paper.

They seem to think that if Tweet explanation stops there will gradually be a collective memory loss. Seems unlikely to me. How to find the Guardian on Facebook is just an invitation to go away.

Martin Belam is continuing to comment

1 March 2011 10:24AM
Mind you, I think Martin has taken things in good humour, all things considered.

In fairness, I tend to mumble my job title when I introduce myself. It is fine at conferences full of similar webby types, but not so good at parties...

"What do you do?"

"I work at The Guardian"

"Oh, are you a journalist?"

"No, I'm *mumbles incomprehensible job title*"

Maybe that is it. The journalists don't really value the tech so the significance of deleting a server or two is not something they would realise.

I have found some backup from long ago but stopped copying recently. Blog post on Posterous. Can't get the embed code to work so the PDF is on Posterous as well. Maybe it works here

Chance of Adobe deleting content without notice, quite low you would think. but life is full of surprises.

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