Monday, June 27, 2016

Hello @guardian please watch @jeremycorbyn on @YouTube

I have been working on a blog about Fleet Street and the Europe debate. It is called Fleet Street in Europe and Cyberspace. It continues but I have decided to move my thoughts about the Guardian back here. The main issues are about the Brexit press and what happened, how this decision was made. The Guardian is the paper I read most often but it is not a large part of the story.

No doubt the Labour Remain case copuld have been stronger but there is not much Corbyn can get over if he is not reported. the Guardian may have decided some time ago that another leader would be a good thing so Corbyn should be undermined on every occasion. I just don't know. But I have noticed that when he makes a speech it is rarely reported in a straight manner. Of course it is now clear that the anonymous quotes from other Labour MPs are well sourced so maybe don't blame the journalists. It has been explained that they don't really hate Jeremy Corbyn, it is much more complicated than that. They would prefer to be closer to power and exciting events. So an interview with David Cameron is front page on the eve of poll even if the main concern is Labour voters and research shows he has a negative effect.

Anyway, see previous blog for more of this sort of thing.

Recent notes.

"The left right business will be less important than who has some charisma" Polly Toynbee reviews the press.

Paul Mason opinion as tweet link has over 800 likes over 800 retweets, not sure when this will be in print. Can't find it but have skipped the g2 so far today.

Opposite the editorial in the print version Zoe Williams writes that "Corbyn has opposed the EU since the 1970s...nothing suggested...that he had changed his mind." I honestly find this amazing. She must have relied on the Guardian reporting only. Corbyn ran a solid and consistent campaign on social media throughout. Find the Sky News on YouTube. He puts a complicated case but it is listened to.

Re the editorial, splitting the party and the MPs could happen whether it is a kill or just a wounding, hope you think about this as the non coup continues


Anyway, this blog is about the transition from paper to online. I happen to think that Corbyn did a solid job with the youth vote and ok the luvvie cosmopolitans who tend to tweet. This part of the UK may get larger. Few cannot find YouTube even if Channel 4 restricts the copyright on their content.

Theory around citizen journalism has been around for about a decade. The Guardian seems to be moving more towards celebrity opinion than costly reporting. They may survive online but I fear the conventions around the print version may not be revised in a timely manner.

attempts calm tone to refute alarming claims about social media as blog continues

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