Saturday, July 02, 2016

Guardian readers invited to citizen journalism, could be too late

I bought the paper and have now found the online version. Apparently Guardian readers will become members and then help to report on what Guardian readers think.  In print on  a Saturday. Surveys show anger at sniping by MPs. Thing is, we have no idea who these MPs actually are. The leader may be Eagle or maybe someone else much the same but joined after Iraq votes. Is there anger at Guarcian journalists who build stories and comment around the supposed views of these MPs ? Could you guess from the comments on opinion? Polly Toynbee is upset at the comments on an opinion from Gaby Hinsliff. Why not consider the feedback as if it may be valid in some sense or possibility? Or just have a look at Twitter as if some of it might link to accurate info?

My guess is that the balance of Guardian journalism will stay much the same, the print sales will decline, the online approach will not adjust. Hope I'm wrong of course.

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