Saturday, July 16, 2016

Corbyn balance depends on scale and print version of @guardian

If you look carefully on the Guardian website you can find some reporting of the views of local Labour Party members when they happen to be also Guardian readers. It is very much different to what you might find in print.  PLP secret discussions were all I could find in the printed version.

Even as lobby journalism there are some unanswered questions. Extract from linked article

Smith said he was not prepared to see Labour split, did not take part in a coup orchestrated by those on the right of the party and would never be part of any breakaway faction.

Well, could he say a bit more? Could he name names? What right wing coup? Somehow the reporting of the PLP is usually with anonymous sources and very discreet until the charismatic leader emerges.

Meanwhile Ewen MacAskill is retweeted with reporting on an actual motion. Repeating my previous tweet, this is normal procedure not a bullying tweet or whatever is often claimed in mainstream media. 

So this situation remains hard to assess. There is a fringe part of the Guardian that relates to what I recognise online as apparently close to local membership. But the print bit is still in the lobby. Not sure what the scale of any of this is in actual numbers round the UK. Time will tell.

Future of print newspapers and social media looks more certain.

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