Friday, July 15, 2016

Update on Corbyn and Guardian

My guess is that this story about Eagle was written in London. It appears like a lobby sort of thing.

Whereas this story from Liverpool is much closer to what you may find on Twitter. Ewan MacAskill has previously asked for help from Guardian readers. Not sure how this is working out .

But there seems to be a divergence, lobby journalists at one end and online at another.

I am interested in what Corbyn has to say and disturbed how badly he is reported. But this situation is also of interest just as a test of social media sort of surviving in a mainstream context.

Twitter not an echo chamber btw. Many stories of bullying and soforth coming from sustained tweet campaigns in newspapers and tv. So far "bullying" term not applied to those keeping others off the ballot. But will this help to calm things down?

Normal practice on moderation suggests some response to concerns and a flow of information.

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