Monday, July 18, 2016

Guardian advertising standards, who is @savingLabour ? , journalism as curiosity @ewenmacaskill

Blog post expands on tweets from last week and weekend.

I realise there is general interest in data protection and various groups connected to the Labour Party. However I am concentrating on @savingLabour as it is still a mystery. I am surprised that there seems to be nothing in mainstream media explaining it.

Today there is an ad in the print version of The Guardian, bottom of page three. No address is shown. From the website also there is no address or way to locate any named person.

Couple of questions anyone might consider. Has the Guardian got any standards or guidance that might relate as in what sort of advertising it includes? If it was for an election I think the promoting agent should be identified. Has the Labour Party got any views?

Second question, is any of this of interest for mainstream media? @savingLabour clearly has some funding. Who are they? Where is the funding coming from?

To simplify, the Guardian seems to have two voices - most staff columnists well connected to London PR, and then @ewenmacaskill on an occasional trip to Liverpool with the help of Guardian readers. There may be interested Guardian readers even closer to King's Cross.

Search on Twitter reveals several links to supposed information about @savingLabour . But we live in times of challenged facts and speculation about the motivation of the twitterers. There is value in proper journalists checking out this sort of thing, possibly with public support.

Could truth turn up in a tweet?

Only time will tell.

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