Monday, July 04, 2016

Hello @emilybell not just liking tweets, more complicated than that

My blog posts are getting spread out over several blogs, well at least three. May sort this out after my break at the end of this week.

Meanwhile links to two recent ones. EU referendum post mostly about the Guardian and another one about Chilcot to be updated later.

Emily Bell today seems to claim that the online aspect is the cause of a lack of fact in the Brexit situation.

Not sure this is true. Guardian seems to have decided long ago that Corbyn is a loser sobest to get rid of him, My take is that his campaign was strong, just not reported by @guardian and others who might be expected to. Sundayt Mirror print version, not sure if this is available wherever Emily Bell is, was a reminder of how Corbyn could be presented. Guardian was just negative, always an anonymous opposite comment and that is just the PLP leave aside how the BBC will add to it.

I lost trust with the heckles. One might be from @portlandcomms another from a Lib Dem. Lots of suggestions on Twitter. But no official fact check or refutation on mainstream media. So I continue to believe the tweets on balance, whjatever I see on @BBCNewsnight.

@guardian now has a reporting trip to Liverpool and social media or some sort of crowd sourcing. Shows slightly different result to the take from columnists in the "lobby" . Emily Bell please consider how this comes over for the average punter.

No surprise that Corbyn is direct on social media, breaking now as they say.

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